I grew up with a lot of singer-songwriter stuff a la Tracy Chapman and a lot of funk-, soul- and acoustic music. For several years I hosted a non-commercial pagan music collection, called goddess voice (dt. Göttinnenklang). Many years I listened to old chants and stories told under a sky full of stars during many pagan bonfire sessions and celebrations. I love old stories and tales and I always found the wisdom within very inspiring. They connect me to a deeper meaning, to my love for life and nature and the wisdom of the cosmos.

In 2011 I wrote my first original song and began to tell my own stories. Below you’ll find a collection of my most beloved ones. You can listen to them and also download them. The newest songs are at the bottom.


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Sometimes I collaborate with my best friend lastfuture. You can find some of our songs on his SoundCloud. Frigg was produced by my friend Ingo Vogelmann!